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Qatar Travel

Qatar Travel Guide

Essential Qatar Travel and Tourist Information

In this section of the website we have prepared useful information for the traveler headed towards Qatar, from the visas you need to what it's like teaching EFL in Qatar.

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A picture of the Emir of Qatar waving welcomes travellers and tourists arriving at Doha Airport.At a Glance

Budget: Hotels and restaurants can easily swallow up your money, although cheaper alternatives do exist.

Activities: Sandboarding/skiing, water sports, blokarting, dune bashing.

Things to see: Singing Sand Dunes, Inland Sea, Islamic Museum, Camel Racing, Horse Racing, Mangrove Swamps.

Shopping and Markets: Souq Waqif, Villagio Mall (complete with canal), Wholesale and Animal markets, fresh fish on the Corniche, Bird Souq (with falcons).

Currency: Riyals & Dirhams.

Arabic: Official Arabic - English is just as widely spoken. Also Hindu, Urdu, Nepalese, Indonesian etc

Religion: Wahabbi Islam - but more moderate than Saudi!

Population: 1,400,000 (2008 estimates)

Further Information:

Airport and Flights

Cut out of a Plane Doha Airport

All you need to arrive at or depart from Doha Airport.

Arrival and Departure Times

Find the latest arrival and departure times for Doha Airport.

Qatar Airways:

Qatar Airways Profile
Qatar Airways Tickets
Baggage Allowance
Privilige Club
Jobs With Qatar Airways
Qatar Airline Careers (Interview with the Qatar Airways HR team.)

Qatar Flights

Airline and Flight listing + Qatar Flight Search.


Qatar Embassies

A list of foreign embassies in Qatar, with telephone number and web addresses where available.

Qatar Abroad

Useful sites and addresses about Qatar. Includes a list of Qatar embassies abroad.

Food and Drink

Lonely Planet
Bahrain, Kuwait & Qatar

Qatar Bars

Reviews and opinions on Qatar bars.

Qatar Bar Listing

Comprehensive list of Qatar bars with locations and telephone numbers.

Eating Out in Doha

Browse through a selection of Doha restaurants to find the perfect place for an evening out.

Food and Food Etiquette in Qatar

Find out about traditional Arabic food, customs and taboos in Qatar.


Qatar Holiday

Qatar has been working hard to promote itself as an attractive destination. This articles discusses if it is working, and is it worth going?

Tour Agencies

Fancy a tour of Qatar? Here's a list of Qatar Tour operators with contact details.


Qatar Hotels

View a listing of available hotels in Qatar to suit all budgets, browse through our luxury hotel guides for Qatar and its surrounding countries or read individual hotel reviews.


Photography in the Desert

Abigail Harman, professional photographer and winner of the Mosman Park Photo Art Award 2008 as well as numerous other competitions, giver her tips on how to take great photographs in the desert.

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Qatar Olympics

The Qatar 2006 Olympic and the Qatar 2016 Olympic Bid

In 2006 Qatar held the Asian Olympic Games - the first ever to be held in the Middle East. Not content with this, less than a year later they launched a bid for the Olympic Games in 2016. Read about both in our article on Qatar Olympics.


An empty road in Doha, Qatar.

Getting Around In Qatar

Public and private transport: The practicalities of getting from A-B in Doha and Qatar.


Maps of the Qatar Bus routes for Doha, Al Khor & Al Shamal and for Doha's Industrial Area.

Qatar Visitor's 90 Second Guide to Driving in Qatar

Driving in Qatar summarized in a short podcast.

The Qatar-Bahrain Friendship Bridge

After nearly two hundred years of animosity, these two countries have put aside their difference to build the longest bridge in the world.


A Qatar ten riyal note

Qatar Money

All about Qatar money: The riyal and the dirham, the history of the riyal, exchange rates and practical banking information.

Qatar Currency List

A list of common currencies and their current exchange rate with the Qatar riyal.

Qatar Currency Converter

Use our XE currency converter to convert riyals into any world currency - or vice versa.


Qatar Facts and Figures

Qatar at a glance! View statistics about Qatar, including population and GDP.

Time Differences

The time differences between Qatar and the rest of the world.

visa stampsVisas

Qatar Visas

Find out what Qatar visas there are, who is eligible and what you have to do to get one.

Cancelling your Visa

What to do when it is time to leave Qatar.

Visas for countries around Qatar

Find Visa information for the Dubai, Bahrain, Oman and Saudi Arabia.


Qatar Weather

Read about what weather you are likely to experience in Qatar and when you will experience it.


Finding Work In Qatar

Tips and advice on getting a job in Qatar, information on Qatar Labour Law and working hours and conditions as well as a list of handy questions to ask in a job interview.

Qatar Jobs

View a list of current vacancies in Qatar and the rest of the Middle East, or list your CV so an employer can find you.

Teaching EFL in the Middle East

Teaching English in the Middle East may require a very different approach to the one you normally use, argues our writer, before going on to outline the methods that have worked for him.

Working Women in Qatar

It is now quite normal for women to work in Qatar, and Qatar Labour Law protects their rights and opportunities when working. However, women still need the permission for their family sponsor before undertaking work. Read this article for information.