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Things to See in Qatar

What to See in Qatar

Qatar Sightseeing

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Paragliders in action above the Qatar desert.Activities and Sightseeing in Qatar

Al Koot Fort

This former Ottoman fort can be seen on the edges of Souq Waqif.

Al Thakira

The mangroves swamps located at the mouth of this estuary make a welcome change of scenery from the desert, as well as being the home to a range of wildlife.

Al Zubarah Fort

This superb – if not very old fort – was in active use until a few short years ago.

Barzan Towers

Read about and see pictures of the watch towers built by the founder of the Qatar Nation.


Sail across the desert to the Inland Sea with this exciting new sport that is hitting the Qatar beaches.

Camel Racing

Until recently, unscrupulous owners used child jockeys bought from traffickers to race their camels. Now, though, you can see the camels raced by their replacements - robots.

Desert Trip

Read about this trip through Qatar's towering sand dunes to Qatar's most impressive natural asset - Qatar's Inland Sea.

Doha Zoo

Located in Al Rayyan, this zoo has both animals from the Gulf and more from more far flung countries – although they have avoided penguins and polar bears for obvious reasons.

Entertainment City

The Entertainment City is going to be a massive hotel, shopping, entertainment and residential complex featuring a snow dome, canals and water taxis connecting different parts of the city and even a rain forest. Don't get too excited, though, as it is not likely to be ready until 2012.

Heritage Village

The Heritage village on Doha's Corniche offers a glimpse into a fast vanishing past.

Inland Sea

Qatar's most impressive natural asset – only accessible with a four wheel drive.

The Museum of Islamic Arts

With an impressive art collection funded by Qatar's huge coffers, under a buying spree directed by Sheikh Saud, The Museum of Islamic stands on its own artifical island a short distance from Doha's corniche.

Museum of Modern Art in Qatar

An overview and introduction to Qatar's newest museum.

Qatar National Museum

This former palace has officially been shut for several years, although they did let us in when we visited. There are big plans for the place for the future.

Qatar Cinema

Where to go to watch a film, and how to find out what is on.

Ras Abrouq Peninsula

This fascinating natural parl is home to wildlife, strange limestone formations, and oasis and more.

Rumeila park during the American Jazz Festival.Rumeila Family Park

Take the children to the play area or stroll by the water gardens in this superb family park on Doha's Corniche.

Souq Waqif Art Centre

Finally a place in Qatar that showcases Qatar and Arabic art.

The Sheikh Faisal Musuem

This huge private collection is without a doubt the best museum in Qatar.

The Singing Sand Dunes

Hear a rare natural phenomenon - when the weather is right!

Things to do in Qatar

Stuck for something to do? Read our list of Things to Do in Qatar for ideas.

Umm Slal Mohammed

Not just home to the Barzan Towers – this small town has fascinating ruins and even a small stream.

Water Park in Qatar

Qatar's upcoming super duper water park.