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Qatar's National Anthem

Sounds of the real Qatar

Qatar National Anthem

The current national anthem was put in place by the current Emir. He was evidently unimpressed by the previous one, which at the time was the shortest in the world.

The version of the National Anthem heard here has been reproduced with the permission of the National Anthem website.

The Anthem has the following meaning

Swearing by God who upraised the sky,
Swearing by God who spread the light,
Qatar will always be free,
Elevated by the spirits of the loyal,
Follow the path of the ancestors,
And the prophets guidance.
In my heart, Qatar is an epic of dignity and glory,
Qatar is the land of the forefathers,
Our protectors at the time of war,
Doves at the time of peace,
And hawks at the time of sacrifice.

Source: Amiri Diwan

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