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Gold Souq

The Gold Souq

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A trip to Doha's gold souq discovers intricate jewelery wrought by hand in small workshops, traditional Cartouche and pearls from a long dead industry.

Silver jewellery at Doha's Gold Souq

If you love gold, precious stones, silver or pearls and you're in Doha, then you're in the right place. You can buy all this in the plastic serenity of a mall, but for a more interesting experience take a trip to the gold souq. Here little shops vie with each other to provide the best prices and hand-made designs.

In Kingdom Gems and Jewellery you can get any design you like hand-made beautifully in the workshop above the shop. You can even go and watch it made!

In Noora Jewellery you can have Cartouche made – a square rectangle of gold which has your name written in Latin letters on one side and Arabic on the other. A 5 gram 22 carat cartouche hand carved with your name will set you back about 500 riyals.

Walk inside the covered jewellery market and you'll find Bani Yalah Gold and Jewellery store. We were especially impressed here by his range of pearls. As if we were not impressed enough, he pulled out boxes of spectacular designs – pearls with orynx, pearls with coral, all in sets of necklace, bracelet and earrings.

He explained to us how the growth of Japanese cultured pearls and the coming of wealth though oil had led to the downfall of the local pearl fishing industry. He could still pull out examples of Qatar pearls, though.

Of course there's lots more – silver flasks, Aladdin style lamps, old coins and currency – you'll have to go yourself if you want to get a real idea of the variety here.

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