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Qatar Shopping

Shopping in Qatar: Markets Souqs and Malls

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Shopping Hints and Tricks and Reviews of Markets, Malls and Souqs

City Centre Mall.

If you love shopping, then Doha's the right place for you. The shopping in Qatar is fantastic – and, according to Qatari ladies, who are masters (or rather mistresses) of shopping, it is also substantially cheaper than in Dubai.

Here is a place where you will find lingerie from Paris, shoes from Italy, antique daggers from Oman, teak furniture from India, desert truffles from Qatar and dates from Saudi Arabia.

It is also a place where you can choose between traditional and modern shopping. You can head out to the wholesale markets, browse through the souqs that huddle close together in the centre of Doha, or enjoy the luxury of Doha's first class air-conditioned malls.


Superb art is avaiblable in Souq Waqif.Bargaining is expected in markets and souqs. In fact, even if you don't bargain sometimes you will be given a discount anyway. If you are serious about bargaining, try walking away and see if the vendor will follow you. Quite often this can lead to a serious reduction in price - and if it doesn't, you can always return later.

Bargaining is not normally common in malls, although you can always get a reduction in price on expensive jewellery.

Consumer Rights

There aren't any. Having said that, some shops have better return policies than other. Do not buy anything major from a small shop, as they just do not want to deal with the hassle when things go wrong. Carrefour, though their quality can sometimes be questionable, are generally excellent when it come to taking goods back. Lulu, on the other hand, often give you a mere 24 hours to return products – although this does depend on what you buy.

Buying Alcohol

You cannot just walk into any shop and buy alcohol in Qatar. Outside a hotel bar you need a permit, and your choice of shop is strictly limited, to say the least. See the link above for detailed information on buying alcohol in Qatar.

Where To Shop

Souq Waqif

This old Souq has been completely rebuilt – and with style. It also has a huge range of products to buy – see the link above for details. It's also here to stay – unlike the other souqs, which all seem to be in imminent danger of being knocked down in Doha's relentless campaign of self-beautification.

The Wholesale Markets

At the Omani market.When you get tired of plastic air-conditioned supermarkets, do your shopping in a more traditional style at Doha's whole-sale markets. In addition to buying meat and fish, you can get plants for your garden, traditional goods at the Omani market or even buy a camel at the live animal market.


This is Doha's newest and best shopping mall, although it is not quite complete yet. It plans to have everything the other malls have – and a bit more. See the link above for more information and pictures of its impressive interior.

Qatar Ipad


The IPAD: Get the IPAD delivered to Qatar.

IPAD Images:

The Gold Souq

Gold from the Gulf has a purity that other nations lust after, and it is common for Asian residents to put their savings into gold – which they sell for a profit when they return home. Shoppers may be attracted by the care and attention put into jewellery hand-crafted in small workshops above the shops.

An Interview with Aramex

Aramex provide an innovative shop n' ship service for Qatar residents. We get the details here from Aramex employee, Hassan Mikail.

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