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Utilities in Qatar

Utilities in Qatar

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Residents' Guide

Electricity and water are both supplied by Kahramaa, the Qatar Electricity and Water Corporation.


If you are renting accommodation, check to see if electricity and water are already connected before you move in.

Setting up

To set up an account with Kahramaa you need an application form, a copy of the contract for the house, a copy of your ID, your phone number, PO Box number and the reference number for electricity and water (usually found above an outside door).

These are normally found on the wall outside your residence; if not, it will be supplied by your landlord. You'll also need to leave a fairly large deposit!


Until the first meter reading, your bill will be estimated, and will probably be undershoot the actual usage. Bills may also be sent out erratically, and may be incorrect. (One Qatari lady was sent a bill for thousands of riyals - quite surprising when Qataris get the service for free!) To be safe, check the meter yourself to avoid unpleasant shocks.

You can pay your bill online at the Kahramaa website, by automatic bank bill payment, by phone or at the post office.



In addition to the contact details here, there are a number of service centers which you can contact.

Tel: +974 44 845 555/ +974 44 845 484
Fax: +974 44 845 496
Address: Dafna Area - Corniche Street, 61
Near Qatar International Exhibition Centre.
P.O.Box: 41 - Doha, Qatar.

Watch Out!

In the summer months your AC will consume huge amounts of electricity. Turn off the AC when leaving the house or when it is not needed, or in areas of the house which you are not using.

Paying Your Bill

You can check your bill here:
You can pay your utility bills online (using Visa or MasterCard) here: (when their system is working!)

You can also pay at certain banks, by telephone (44 651 100), at Q-post or at one of Karamaa's service centres.


The electrical system is similar to that of the UK with a voltage of 200 – 240. American devices can not normally be used in Qatar, although laptops should adjust automatically. Sockets take three pronged plugs, although most of the devices sold in Qatar come with two pronged plugs.

Water Quality

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The majority of people prefer to drink water from bottles. You can buy water very cheaply from the supermarkets, have five gallon bottles delivered from the local shop or organise a regular delivery with a company. You can also purchase a dispenser which will provide you with continuous hot and cold water.

Never-the-less, the desalinated water provided to houses is actually of a very high quality, with fluoride and minerals carefully added back to it. We've been told that it is in fact of a higher quality than the drinking water sold in the shops. However, it is worth getting a filter to clean out any dirt that may have entered the water in the pipes. Don't accept filters from door to door sales people, as these can do more harm than good. Instead buy a branded filter - the Panasonic filter comes highly recommended.

Water suppliers

Al Manhal Tel: 44 603 332, 44 602720
Rayyan Mineral Water Co. Tel: 44 877 662
Safa International Tel: 44 606 699


Perhaps surprisingly for a country with the third largest gas reserves in the world, there is no system of gas pipes. Instead, you have to pick up gas in containers. (You can also have it delivered.)

Gas Suppliers

Ahmed Al Rayes 44 651 555
Mashadi Gas Co. 44 423 016

Kahramma centres:

Al-Khor service centre

Location: Al-Khor main street Number 212
Tel: +974 44 723 980/ 44 723 981

Salwa Service Centre

Location: Salwa Street Number 340
Tel: 44 693 764 – 44 693 765

Al-Doha Service Centre

Location: D-Ring Street Number 250 (Al Hilal)
Tel: +974 44 628 282

Khalifa Service Centre

Location: Omar Bin Abdazziz Street Number 430
Tel: +974 44 872 063

Al Wakrah Service Centre

Location: Al-Jabl Street Number 660
Tel: 44 640 023

Al Musheirib Service Center

Al Adwaa Street, Number 860, Al Musheirib
Tel: +974 44 494 455


Most houses are connected to the sewerage system, and those which are not will have septic tanks.

Septic Tanks Cleaners

Al Afaf Group 44 311 409 / 44 351 803
Al Misnad Group 44 888 601
Al Muftah Trading and Contracting Company: 44 446 868/ 44 446 161

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