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Qatar Traffic Offences

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Starting a new life in Qatar - or any new country - can be daunting. New schools have to be found, there's a health system to be navigated, a phone line to be installed and so on. It isn't helped by the fact that basic information seems to be regarded as a state secret in Qatar, to grudgingly be given out only when there is no other alternative.

Fortunately, our website doesn't take that approach. In this section of our website are articles and information that will be useful to you as a resident in Qatar.

Accommodation and Property | Alcohol | Clubs and Societies | Driving | Education | Health | Life in Qatar | Services

Accommodation and Property

Buying Property in Qatar

After seeing the price of renting property in Qatar, you may be tempted to buy your own. Our unbiased guide examines the pros and cons of buying a house or apartment and gives essential information about the process.

Renting in Doha

A look at renting property in Qatar. Includes a list of letting agents and serviced apartments to get you started in your search for a home.



The legal and practical details of buying and drinking alcohol in Qatar.

Clubs & Societies in Qatar

Clubs and Societies in Qatar


A list of every club and society in Qatar we could find. If you have an interest or a hobby, chances are you'll find people to share it with here.


Car Inspections

Cars over three years old in Qatar require a yearly inspection. Read our step by step guide to getting your car inspected.

Driving in Qatar: Practical Information

An overview of driving in Qatar, covering issues such as validity of foreign driving licenses, traffic rules, insurance and so on.

Renewing Your Road Permit

How to renew your Road Permit in Qatar.

The Qatar Driving Test

Read one woman's experience of taking the Qatar Driving Test. Essential reading for anyone considering taking the test themselves.

Traffic Offences

Qatar traffic offences and the penalties they occur.

Qatar Visitor's 90 Second Guide to Driving in Qatar (podcast)

Education in Qatar

Further Education in Qatar

A look at Further Education in Qatar with information and contact details of Qatar Institutes, Colleges and Universities.

Nurseries in Qatar

A list of Nurseries in Qatar with contact details.


A look at primary and secondary education in Qatar, and a list of private and international schools in Qatar with contact details.

Studying Arabic and Other Languages in Qatar

A list of institutions that teach languages, and the languages they teach.


Internet Cafes

Includes a list of internet cafes and Q-tel hotspots and their location in Doha.



In hot conditions you can become dehyrdated in as little as fifteen minutes. This article discusses how to recognise dehydration, how to prevent it and how to treat it if you do become dehydrated.

Qatar Health

An general overview of the Health System in Qatar, with information about health cards, vaccinations and more.

Qatar Hospitals

A list of private and government hospitals in Qatar with contact details.


Life in Qatar

So, what's it actually like to live here? What restrictions are there? Will you get stoned for kissing your girlfriend/boyfriend? We try to answer these questions and more with our snapshot of life in Qatar.


Postal services

Practical Information about Postal Services in Qatar.

Mobile Phones in Qatar

Practical Information about Mobile Phones in Qatar: Phones Available, Roaming, Standards, Costs and More

Qtel and Telephones

Practical information about telephonic services provided by Qatar's monopoly supplier, Qtel.

Utilities in Qatar

Practical information about getting water, gas and electricity in Qatar.


Qatar Labour Law.

Find out what rights you have - and don't have - under Qatar Labour Law.


View a list of current vacancies in Qatar and the Gulf.

Books on Qatar