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Smoking in Qatar

Smoking in Qatar

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Smoking in Qatar is currently banned in public places such as cafes and malls. However, the law is rather less fascist than in other countries with smoking allowed in sealed areas. Regulations on smoking in public places are now always respected.

Smoking remains common in bars and nightclubs.


The hookah pipe continues to grow in popularity in Qatar amongst both natives and expats, with many non-smokers indulging from time to time. There are controversies about the risk, with organisations such as ASH maintaining that the device is 400 more times dangerous than cigarettes. ASH's claims have, however, been challenged by both private individuals and scientists.

Coming in a number of varieites, including apple and strawberry, the shisha provides a smooth and pleasant way to smoke tobacco.

For more information about shisha see Shisha Smoking in Qatar and Shisha Smoking.

Electronic Cigarettes

In contrast to countries surrounding Qatar, there does not seem to be a strong policy on the electronic cigarette. E Cigarette Direct, a UK company, supplies them on an individual basis to Qatar but there is no retailer in the country.

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