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Qatar Cinema

Doha Cinema

Cinemas in Qatar

Qatar has a good and growing selection of cinemas, and most of the cinemas show films in English (with subtitles rather than dubbing in Arabic.) Arabic, Hindi and Tamil films are also shown, with most Indian films being shown in Gulf Cinema.

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Doha Cinemas

The Grand Cinecentre:

Tel: +974 483 9064
Location: The cinema is located by the food court in the City Center several floors above Carrefour.

We've given the number here, but we can't be sure it is correct as this cinema has never answered its phone to us. In fact they seem positively adverse to any form of contact with people from Qatar, as at the time of writing all the phone numbers provided on their website are for Bahrain.

However, this is currently the largest cinema in Qatar, with a total of 14 screens, and usually has a good selection of films playing.

Some viewers have also complained about the screen being dark.


Location: Villagio, Al Wabb Street, close to Virgin Megastore.

Although some viewers have compained that the entrance and seats to the the thirteen screen cinema, look cheap, this is an IMAX cinema which shows 3D films which are, simply put, awesome.

Cinema Palace

Tel: +974 4320938
Location: Top floor of Royal Plaza, located on Al Sadd Street close to HSBC.

Although not everyone likes their screens, this is one of Qatar Visitor's favourite cinemas. If you like a small cinema with a small audience, this is the one for you.

The Royal Plaza have a website with a cinema section - but be prepared for loud annoying music. (Potentially very embarrassing if you are in the office pretending to do work!) In the past they have displayed cinema times on their website (some of which were incorrect.) They occasionally answer the telephone.

Villagio Cinema

Contact: +974 7794-1252
Location: opposite Virgin in Villagio on Al Wabb Road

Villagio cinema is now open, and while it could be a bit more plush it does have nice clear screen and a super 3D Imax screen.

See Villagio Cinema for the latest Villagio Cinema timings.

The Mall Cineplex

Contact: +974 4467 8666
Location: The Mall, D Ring Road, close to the airport.

Three screen cinema, located in the imaginatively named The Mall, Doha's oldest shopping center.

Cinema Land

Contact: +974 4488 1674
Location: Landmark Shopping Mall on Al Shamal Road.

Three screen cinema located by the food court and Circus Land in Landmark.

Gulf Cinema/ Doha Cinema

Tel: +974 4467 1811
Location: By the junction between C Ring Road and Al Sadd Street

Don't be confused - these are one cinema (two screens). In the past they showed English films but now it is mostly Indian films. We are told it is rather run down.

Finding Out What's On

Online Cinema Schedules

Ten Movies provide film schedules for Qatar despite being an Emirates website: see Qatar Movies.

Qatar Cinemas provide schedules for their cinemas: The Mall, Royal Plaza, Landmark and Gulf/Doha cinema.

Qatar Cinemas are easy enough to find, but it is much harder to find the official website for the Grand Cinecenter in Qatar. To get the official schedule you need to navigate to BCC Movies, choose Now Showing and select Qatar.

Hopefully Qatar Happening will have a cinema guide in the future, although annoying at the moment their guide says: “Qatar Movie Listing This section is currently being updated. Please check back later.”

Offline Cinema Schedules

Both the Gulf Times and the Peninsula provide film schedules for the cinemas in Qatar on their paper edition - the Peninsula's is probably the better since its revamp.


We always confirm movies and movie times by ringing the cinema concerned.

Let us know if we have missed any good sources of info here!

Links and Resources

Qatar Movie Club

Quite an active group on Qatar Living. Online forum discussion + a weekly meet up to watch films.

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