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ID in Qatar

Qatar ID Cards

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Identification Cards in Qatar and the Data They Hold

Sample ID card

Residents are expected to carry identification with them by Qatari law, and identity is often required for registering for clubs as well as for bank accounts, schools, nurseries and so on. While theoretically residents should carry ID cards, in practice other forms of ID such as driving licences (with photos) and passports are perfectly acceptable. Normally residents apply for their ID card at the same time as they apply for their residents permits, and the ID cards run out at the same time as the Residence Permit.

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Information carried

ID cards contain an image of the holder, and ID number, his or her nationality, the type of visa the holder has, the validity date, date of birth and the blood type of the holder - handy in accidents. The holders signature is on the back. The current ID cards are due to be replaced by more sophisticated cards which will carry biometric data about the holder.

Children under the age of 18 do not have to carry an ID card.