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Qatar Postal Services

Qatar Post

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Using the Postal Service in Qatar

Q-Post's General Post Office in Doha

Q-Post's main post office is located on Corniche Road, and there's little chance of missing it – it's huge! You have to drive up several levels of the stepped car park to get to the entrance. and you'll also get a good view of the city here. Inside, the building is pleasant enough, and there's internet access as well as a cafe where you can relax.

Qatar GPO.


There is no organized system of street postal addresses in Qatar. To receive letters, customers must rent out a post office box.

Renting a Post Office Box

You'll need to fill a form available either at the post office or on their website (see below). The form must be submitted along with a copy of your ID and the fee. (At the time of writing it costs QR300 annually to rent a box in the main Post Office along with an initial fee of QR260.) You can also purchase an electronic card to open your post office box – the price depends on how swanky a card you want (head office only).

For more information contact

PO Boxes Section
Tel : (+974) 4464230 - 4464223
Fax: (+974) 4830981

Other Services


Allows the renewals of dependant's visas and residents permits. See here for details.

Follow Me

Allows your post to be forwarded to a different location, including outside the country.

For details: Tel. (+974) 4464446, Fax. (974) 4464280 or email

Khazaz Service

Delivers your post, for an additional charge, from your PO box to your company location on a daily basis.

Public Health Card Renewal

Submit your old health card along with a copy of your ID, a single photograph and QR100, and your new health card will be delivered to your PO Box.

Qatar Post Premium

Arranges for door to door delivery of important documents. Of course, an additional fee is charged. See here for details.

Shop and Ship service

Aramex, a courier service located on Salwa Road, operate a shop and ship service. After setting up an account with Aramex, you are given two addresses, one in the UK and one in the US. When shopping online in these countries, you have your goods sent directly to one of these addresses. Aramax will then forward it to their Qatar office.

For more information on Aramex see our blog post: Aramex Shop and Ship: How to order goods form Amazon to Qatar

Stamp Collecting

If you are interested in collecting stamps check out the Qatar Philatelic Bureau. For more information on the Post Office contact Customer Service:

Tel: +974 4464446/ 4464277 Fax: +974 4464280 Email:

Alternatively check out the Q Post website.

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