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Qatar Airways Careers

Qatar Airways Careers

Advice from the Qatar Airline

Qatar Airways is a huge employer, with thousands of employees working both din Qatar and around the world. As it is also the fastest growing airline in the world, opportunities are set to grow! Yousra Samir caught up with the Qatar Airways HR team in Doha to get some inside tips and information.


The fastest growing airline in the world and one of only six airlines globally to be awarded 5 stars by Skytrax for its top-of-the-mark services, Qatar Airways offers a absolutely huge range of career choices from flying the skies as one of its pilots or cabin crew, to handling customer services on the ground.

However, don't think Qatar Airways is necessarily an easy ride. The airline has a reputation for being a tough employer, with rumours of air hostesses being weighed before take off, late staff being summarily dismissed and ground staff who can't make the grade in Arabic quickly enough being fired. This toughness with staff, though, is perhaps what it has helped to win several awards for it service to customers!

Qatar Visitor spoke to the HR Team to find out more about landing a career at one Qatar's award-winning airline.

Qatar Airways Interview

How does Qatar Airways go about recruiting potential candidates?

We advertise all employment opportunities on the Qatar Airways website as soon as they become available. Recruitment is also conducted by placing job advertisements using globally recognized 3rd party recruitment web sites. We also host recruitment drives, which take place all over the world, whereby candidates are encouraged to apply for interviews with Qatar Airways' recruitment team in their home country.

We hire candidates for roles in the following job families:

Cabin Crew
Sales and Marketing Communications
Ground Handlers
Ground based customer service

What is the best way that someone can go about applying for a job at Qatar Airways?

The Qatar Airways website is by far the best way, as it is regularly checked by our recruiters and every single application submitted online goes through a review process. Once an application has been submitted, a confirmation email is sent to the applicant. If no further communication from Qatar Airways has been received within 90 days, it can be assumed that the application has not been successful.

What is Qatar Airways looking for in potential candidates?

Qatar Airways recruits professionals for a variety of positions in a range of job families. New hires are recruited based on appropriate academic qualifications for the specified position, as well as demonstration of a clear career path with progressive experience. On an interpersonal level, the airline seeks out individuals with strong leadership skills, who are problem-solvers, dynamic, and have a forward-thinking attitude, and who represent themselves as a strong fit with the company's values.

Would you say that Qatar Airways values qualifications or experience more, or are both taken into consideration?

A candidate's qualifications and previous work history is assessed for each role. Certain jobs have specific technical and educational requirements, while others include comprehensive training for the position, so in those cases there is a less emphasis on educational qualifications.

Qatar Airways is supportive of their employees' career development and encourages building a career path. As a company which is growing at a phenomenal pace, there are many opportunities to explore positions in various parts of the company. Similar to the importance of recruitment, retaining employees is critical, and it is encouraged to apply for positions which support career progression opportunities.

Why should people apply for a job at Qatar Airways - what are the perks which make Qatar Airways the choice for someone interested in working for an airline company?

The company is ranked the third best airline in the world; is world renowned for its 5-star service and emphasis on quality, as well as its very young fleet – which is on average 4 years old. These are just a few of the attributes which makes Qatar Airways stand out in the industry.

The award-winning company has achieved 35% year-on-year growth and has a destination map which reaches 95 destinations across six continents. Each of these accolades makes the airline an exciting place to work. Employees also receive the standard travel benefits in line with industry practice.

Once someone gets the job, how long does the employment process usually take (both for candidates hired locally and those hired from abroad)?

Once the candidate has been selected for the position, employment start date varies depending on the role. It ranges from several weeks until a couple of months.

Finally, do you have any advice for those interested in working for Qatar Airways and those who are trying to apply for a job?

Firstly, visit and search the career section of our website to view available jobs. If a suitable position is of interest, ensure your CV is current and clearly demonstrates required competencies before proceeding to submit an application. If the application is successful and proceeds to an interview round, ensure to dress for success and present yourself in a professional manner.


HR Contact Details:

The Human Resources Department,
Qatar Airways
P.O. Box 22550
State of Qatar


Qatar Airways
Qatar Airways Careers

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