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Work in Qatar

Jobs and Working in Qatar

Information on Working in Qatar and Current Job Vacancies

Qatar Visitor's Job Board

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Job Vacancies

Qatar Vacancies: A list of current job vacancies in and around Qatar provided in association with Browse the list, apply for a job or list your CV.

More Qatar Vacancies: Jobs in Qatar provided for by Indeed.

Even more Qatar Vacancies: Jobs in Qatar provided for by WorkCircle.

Your Questions Answered: We answer your questions about working in Qatar.

Qatar Petroleum Vacancies: Information about Qatar Petroleum, together with a list of current Qatar petroleum vacancies by catagory. Browse the jobs or click through to apply.

Finding Work in Qatar

Post your CV: Post your CV with our sponsors,

Keeping your job in Qatar: Once you have found a job, you will want to keep it. Here are some tips for doing just that.

Popular Qatar Interview Questions: Ten Qatar employers us tell us their favourite interview questions - and the answers they are hoping for.

Qatar Recruitment - Qatar based author and businessman David Chaddock gives advice on how to go about finding employees in Qatar.

Qatar Employers: Find a list of major Qatar Employers with contact details and direct links to vacancy pages where available.

Using Social Media: How to use social networking sites to find jobs in Qatar.

Qatar Airways Careers: Qatar Visitor talks to the Qatar Airways HR team to get inside tips on how to find jobs at the fastest growing airline in the world.

The Qatar Jobs Board: A Video Introduction

Click here to access the jobs board.

Qatar Jobs: In this article we look at factors to consider when applying for a job, outline how to find a job, examine working conditions in Qatar and list essential questions to ask in a job interviews.

Writing Emails that Get Jobs: What to say, what not to say and how to say it.

The Perfect CV : Tips and strategies on how to write the perfect CV.

Seven Tips to Help You Win Interviews: So you wrote a great email enquiry, which got your great CV looked at. Now all you need to do is give a great interview...

How to Master Telephone Interviews: Mariam Nonha gives the low down on how you can win jobs over the phone.

How to Ace your Qatar Interview: From how to control your body question to dealing with personal questions (and why they are asked!) Qatar culture expert Yousra Samir provides a unique guide to interviews in Qatar.

75 Great Job Resources: More than 75 online and offline resources to help you find work in Qatar and the Middle East.

Recruitment Agencies: A list of some of the larger recruitment companies recruiting for Qatar.

Teaching In Qatar: An overview of teaching in Qatar, with links to the latest teaching jobs. Also see our list of Schools and EFL Institutions, as well as How to Avoid a Teaching Disaster in Qatar.

Engineering Jobs in Qatar: David Chaddock looks at engineering in Qatar, including salaries, benefits - and how to find them!

Movie: Jobs in Qatar

Rights, Rules and Regulations

Qatar Labour Law: In this article we look at Qatar Labour Law and it how it affects employees in the Gulf. Issues covered include sponsorship, maximum working hours and dismissal.

Police Clearance Certificate: You may need to obtain a certificate of criminal disclosure to submit to the Qatar authorities before getting working in Qatar. This article explains what you need to do.


Working Women in Qatar: Practical information for women who want to work in Qatar.

Working Women: Discrimination in Qatar: In this blog post we ask a number of women currently working in Qatar if they have experienced sexism or disrimination in Qatar.

Qatar Jobs Statistics

The results of our Qatar jobs survey. Find out who is getting work in Qatar - and how!

Other job resources

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