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Qatar Working Conditions

Qatar Working Conditions

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What are the typical terms and conditions of employment in Qatar? i.e. Working hours, holidays etc

For information on working hours see Working Hours in Qatar.


There are a number of public holidays in Qatar. These include Eid Il Fitri, Eid Il Adha and National Day. (See Qatar Holidays for details of all Qatar national holidays.) Workers can take full paid leave at Eid Il Fitri, Eid Al Adha, National Day and three other non-specified days. Workers also get Fridays off. While work may necessitate working on a Friday, they should not work more than two consecutive Fridays.

In addition, Muslims are allowed two weeks of unpaid leave to complete the Hajj.

Bonuses and Flights

Bonuses are normal. However, these are not normally paid until the end of the period of employment. For international contracts flights must be provided for the employee. This may be every year or every two years.


Employees are entitled to two weeks of full sick paid leave, and four weeks of half pay. Further leave taken will be unpaid. An employer has the right to sack his workers after they have taken 12 weeks unpaid leave.

For more information see Qatar Labour Law.

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