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Visa News

Major visa update: See Qatar Visa Change on the blog or our Qatar Visa page for details.

On the Jobs Blog:


Fed up of their families determining the course of their lives, many Qatari men and women are turning to the traditional match maker: The Khataaba. But not everyone agrees...

Teaching in Qatar: How to Avoid a Cultural Disaster

Qatar Teaching Tips: Essential teaching tips for anyone consider a position in Qatar.

Major Change in Visa Policy

Visa on arrival will be removed for residents of many countries from 1st May 2010. See Qatar Visa Change for details.


Qatar Exile: Qatar's open door policy has lead to a host of controversial figures residing in the country.

Jaula Spa

Jaula Spa

Jaula Spa: The Grand Hyatt open their luxurious Jaula Spa, so of course we had to go and try it our personally - and negotiate a ten percent discount for Qatar Visitor subscribers!

Engineering in Qatar

Engineer with phone in hand.

Qatar Engineering Jobs: Business writer and former engineer David Chaddock takes a look at the opportunities that exist for engineers in Qatar.

Qatar Philarmonic Orchestra

Cello players in the Qatar Philarmonic Orchestra

The Qatar Philarmonic Orchestra - Qatar is making waves with its young and very talented philarmonic orchestra.

New on the Jobs Blog

Want a job in Qatar? Well, you'd better get that cover letter right, or you'll never have a look in. Check out Writing Winning Cover Letters for details.

Ten Doha Chocolate Delights

Melted chocholate tops this dark beauty.

In one of her hardest assignments yet, Shabina Khatri forces herself to taste some of the best chocolate dishes in Qatar. It's a hard life being an investigative journalist!

Kashka Cool!

A young Qatari man with Kashka.

Our Qatar culture and fashion expert Yousra Samir explains the concept of Kashka.

Qatar versus Dubai

Skyscrapers and the Palm in Dubai

A former resident of Dubai and a current resident of Doha judges the two cities. Which is better - and who would you rather have as your friend? Find out here.

Qatar Job of the Week :

Check it Out!

What's On:

On the blog: Crashed Ice Comes to Doha:

Crashed Ice

Thank you!

To our latest sponsor, the Merweb Hotel Central. Check out the Merweb's dedicated page here.

On the Jobs Board

Tonnes of jobs for Canadians in Qatar!

Formula One in Qatar

Only the eyes of Sheikh Khalid bin Hamad Al Thani are visible through his open helmet.

We ask Williams why they have chosen to set up a base in Qatar. See Williams F1 in Qatar.

Teaching in Qatar

An overview of teaching in Qatar with links to the latest teaching vacancies.

Is Qatar the Most Polluting Country in the World?

Latest blog post: New data out shows that Qatar emits more CO2 than any other country in the world. Check out latest post on Qatar and the Environment for more information.

Qatar's Weirdest Sea Creatures


Fran Gillespie takes at look at what the Greeks called the bent horse.

Newly Updated

The Qatar Visitor Video Library - latest movies now added.

Vodafone Qatar: We Will Play Fair

Head shot of Grahame Maher

Vodafone promises a different experience for mobile phone users. Click here to read a summary of Qatar Visitor's interview with CEO Grahame Maher, or here to read the full Vodafone interview.

The Qatar Visitor Jobs Board

Hundreds of Qatar Jobs in all categories. Click here to access the jobs board and find the latest vacancies.

Internet Freedom in Qatar - How far can we go?

Qatar Internet Freedom Barometer.

Shabina looks at how far we can go in Qatar. Click here to read the full article on Qatar internet freedom.

Qatar Pearl Divers

A nose is squashed flat by an old wooden nose clip.

We explore the harsh and nearly forgotten world of the Qatar pearl divers.

Gentle Giants: Whale Sharks in Qatar

A whale shark cruises with open mouth towards the camera.

Frances Gillespi has an in depth look at the largest fish you are likely to find in Qatar Seas - The Whale Shark.

Food & Relaxation at the Grand Hyatt


A weekend of food and relaxation awaited our writer at the Grand Hyatt, Doha.

The Ultimate Qatar Interview Preparation

We spoke to ten Qatar employers across a range of industries and nationalities to find out Qatar 's favourite interview questions - and how to answer them! Check out Qatar Interview Questions for the full article.

Servant's Stories

Maids share their stories of what it's like to be a servant in Qatar.

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