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The Battle of Al Wajbah

Sheikh Jassim faces a quandary - face a superior enemy in battle and risk death and defeat, or sacrifice the autonomy of Qatar. Find out how his decisions and their consequences shaped the future of Qatar in the Battle of Al Wajbah.

Qataris gallop across the desert in this battle reconstruction.


New from Qatar Culture Expert Yousra Samir - A Qatar Arabic series:

And don't forget our older article: A Beginner's Guide to Arabic!

Employer Interview

Qatar Employer Interview: We interviewed an employer with over 25 years experience in HR to see what tips she had for Qatar jobseekers.

Telephone Numbers

Qatar telephone numbers have changed. Our programmers are in the process of chaning the telephone numbers on the site, but for now you will have to add an extra digit to numbers. See Qatar Number Change for details.

Qatar: The Richest Country in the World

Qatar: The New Dubai: As Dubai flounders in debt, Qatar just gets richer. But will it last?

A luxury car - one of many to be found in oil and gas rich Qatar.

Cancelling your Visa in Qatar

How to Cancel your Qatar Visa: It's simple - if you know how!

Recipes from Qatar

A heaped plate of Thareed

Discover a selection of delicious recipes from Qatar.

The Cool Campaign

Qatar Cool Campaign!

Help keep Qatar workers cool!

Qatar's Telephone numbers are changing!

See Qatar Number Change for details.

Qatar telephone.

Islam in Spain - Part 2: John continues his journey through Spanish Islamic history with a stop at Medina Azahara.

Medina Azahara

Hidden Delicacies of the Desert

Check out the delicacies hidden below Qatar's desert - or find out what happens when lightning strikes the Qatar desert.

Lightning Stikes the desert on a stormy night.

Qatar's Lost Generation

Yousra Samir investigates the children brought up by servants who know neither their culture nor their language. See Qatar's Lost Generation for the full story.

In this cartoon from a local paper a child choses to run to the maid rather than to his mother.
Maid over Mummy: a cartoon by Yazeed al Harthi

Wind Drinkers

Salukis lounge on cushions in the Majelis.
Image by Hamad Al Ghanem.

Salukis: Son of the Desert, Wind Drinker, Daughter of the Tent and Desert Eye - just some of the names the Saluki has been called by its Bedouin masters. But is it being forgotten in Qatar? Yoursa finds out.

Exclusive Interview with Tim Sebastian

An Interview with Tim Sebastian: Yousra Samir speaks to Tim Sebastian in a Qatar Visitor exclusive on the Doha Debates.

Also see in the same series:

Qatar Savings

Mazimise your saving capability in Qatar: Paul Halfyear discusses how to make the most of your savings while in Qatar.

Qatar 2022 World Cup Bid

Qatar is not fooling around: Edwin examines Qatar's world cup chances - and find a very serious bid in play.

Qatar Stadium

Qatar Ipad

The IPAD: Get the IPAD delivered to Qatar.

IPAD Images:

Falconry in Qatar

A falcon flaps its wings as it stands on the gloved hand of a falconer.
A young Qatari man with his falcon.

Falconry: Qatar natural history expert Fran Gillespie shows us the fascinating world of Qatar falconry, from the trapping of the birds, their training in the lead up to the hunting seasons and the hunt of the Arab falconer's favourite prey: The Houbara.

Islamic Influence in Andalucía

Muslim monarchs spent seven centuries in Southern Spain, and left their mark on the people and architecture for ever - despite the efforts of the Catholics to erase it. See Islamic Influence in Andalucía for the full story.

The interior of the Mosque at Cordoba.

On the blogs

Qatar Visitor Blog

Jobs Blog

Desert Beauty

Qatar people are known for their meticulous attention to cleanliness and beauty - but what did they do before soap and running water? See Desert Beauty to find out!

The Bedouin utilised flowers like these for their beauty needs.

Qatar's Turtles

In her latest article on the Natural History of Qatar, Fran Gillespie explores the fascinating world of the Qatar turtle.

Laying eggs on a Qarar beach.

Shisha Smoking in Qatar

An old habit is is becoming both more popular and more accepted in Qatar! See Shisha smoking for details.

A bedouin man smoking sisha in the 1920's

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