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Cheap Hotels in Qatar

Budget Hotels in Doha and Qatar

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A Selection of Qatar's Cheapest Hotels

It's easy to find expensive hotels on the internet, but that's not much consolation if you are on a budget.

Fortunately, it is still possible to find a reasonably priced hotel in Doha. At the time of writing, you can stay at all the hotels below for less than QR500, although obviously prices will fluctuate according to season and demand.

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Almaha Palace Hotel

PO Box: 5330
Tel: +974 44 367 301
Location: Al Smakh
Rooms: 64

Al Mourouj Inn Hotel

Po Box: P.O. Box: 24451
Tel: +974 44 422 426
Location: Museum Street, behind the National Museum and close to the Corniche
Rooms: 50

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Al Muntazah Plaza Hotel

PO Box 9488
Tel: 44 355 677
Fax 44 355 757
Location: Al Muntazah (near KFC)
Rooms: 30

Alzahra Hotel

PO Box 1043
Tel: 44 321 503
Location: “near Regency Hotel”
Rooms: “Too much” claimed the receptionist, when we rang to check, and refused to give a number!

Bismillah Hotel

PO Box
Tel/fax: +974 44 374 417
Mobile: +974 55 815 867
Location: Doha's superb Souq Waqif

Doha Youth Hostel

Tel: (974)-44 867 180; 44 866 402 (It's probably not worth ringing mid-day).
Fax: (974)44 863 968
Address: PO Box 9660, Doha, Qatar
Age: despite being a youth hostel they assured us there was no age limit.
Beds: 16 rooms and 56 beds.
Minimum stay: two nights.
Location: Al Lakka.

Guest Palace Hotel

PO Box 22182
Tel: 44 411 996
Location: Al Ghanim Al Ghadim Street, between “Crazy Roundabout” and Sennah Roundabout.
Rooms: 100
Apartments: 34

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Rydges Plaza

Gulf Horizon Hotel

PO Box 22182
Tel: 44 432 525
Note: Prices include all tax, service charges, breakfast and airport drop off.
Location: Soukh Al Jaber behind Standard Chartered Bank Rooms: 76

New Capital Hotel

PO Box 1003
Tel: 44 445 445
Location: Wadi Mushereib Street near the former Sofatel Hotel
Rooms: 77

Qatar International Hotel

Tel: 44 321 761
PO Box 2572
Location: Wadi Mushereib Street behind Sofatel Hotel
Rooms: 40

Sehati Suite Hotel (Exactly QAR500 when we checked!)

Tel: +974 44 255 555
Po Box 47683
Location: 1153 Jawaan Street, Al Saad
Rooms: 110

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If you know of another hotel going for less than QR500 a night, please let us know!

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