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Doha Qatar Hotels

Hotels in Qatar and the Gulf

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Short-term Accommodation in Qatar

The George IV Hotel in Doha, Qatar.

The range of short term accommodation in Qatar is limited. Although there are over 7,000 hotels rooms currently under development, there are only two youth hostels and no bed and breakfasts.

All hotels now fall under a comprehensive rating system administered by the Qatar Tourism Authority. This rating will be reviewed on an annual basis. Unlike Dubai, Qatar intends to avoid over-hyping its hotels with six and seven stars, sticking instead to the standard 1 - 5 star rating.

Many of the hotels are on the pricey side and a premium room in a top hotel like the newly constructed Sharq Village and Spa on Doha's Corniche can set you back over a thousand dollars. Nevertheless, there are still cheaper options available, and it's possible to find a room for less than one hundred dollars a night.

In our hotel section we provide hotel guides to Qatar and other locations in the Gulf, including Dubai and Bahrain, as well as reviews of individual hotels. We are constantly adding hotels and locations to our guide, so don't forget to check back to see what is new!

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Luxury Hotel Guide

The swimming pool at the Sharq Village and Spa.Qatar's luxury hotel scene is exploding, with new hotels being added all the time, and while it doesn't match Dubai yet for its sheer range, it's doing it's best to catch up.

For the most luxurious of them all, you'll find it hard to beat the Ritz Carlton Sharq Village and Spa, pictured left and also the feature of one of our hotel reviews below.

In our Doha Luxury Hotel Guide, we list each hotel's key points along with a summary of other guests review, along with links for booking rooms and finding the best hotel deal.

Hotels for the Budget Traveller

Not everyone has a fortune to spend on luxurious hotels, so we made a list of the cheapest hotels in Qatar. You can stay at all of these Doha hotels for less than QR500 a month. (Prices may fluctuate with season and demand or rise due to inflation.)

Hotel Directory

A comprehensive listing of Qatar Hotels.

Jaula Spa

Jaula: A new luzury spa, complete with pool, massage and luxury facial treatment? had to investigate - and try out the facilities!

UAE Hotels: Abu Dhabi Luxury Hotel Guide

Abu Dhabi may not have quite the range of hotels as its fellow UAE city Dubai, but the Capital City can still offer a choice of superb five star hotels.

Perhaps the most impressive of these is the the huge and opulent Emirates Palace Hotel, where you can pretend you are royalty rather than a mere passing traveller. Read our Abu Dhabi Hotel Guide for reviews on the top Abu Dhabi hotels.

Movenpick Hotel Bahrain.UAE Hotels: Dubai Luxury Hotel Guide

Despit Doha's best efforts to catch up, Dubai still leaves the Qatar capital far behind in the hotel stakes. Browse our Dubai Hotel Guide to see some truly spectacular hotels - all of whom have received an average 4.5/5 rating from their guests.

Luxury Hotels in Bahrain

Bahrain is a frequent stop for workers and residents from Saudi Arabia seeking a place to relax and have fun - and a pleasant break from Doha too! Browse through our selection of Hotels in Bahrain, chosen on the basis of guest's reports, before heading off to enjoy some Bahraini hospitality.

Oman Hotels: Muscat Luxury Hotel Guide

Ras Al Hadd beach in Oman.Whether you are in Muscat to enjoy sights such as its Portugese forts and its Grand Mosque, to do business or enjoy its superb scuba diving, you can use our Muscat Hotel Guide to choose the perfect place to stay.

There are a range of hotels to choose from, including the superb Shangri La Resort and the hard to beat Al Bustan Palace hotel to cheaper hotels such as the Coral Boutique Hotel for the more value conscious.

Qatar Hotel Reviews: The Ritz Carlton Sharq Village and Spa.

The Ritz Carlton Sharq Village and Spa

Doha's most luxurious and exclusive hotel, the Sharq Village and Spa has been designed to resemble a desert village. However, with its fourteen courtyards, it's immaculate gardens and its fifteen thousand square foot swimming pool it bears more resemblance to an Arabian Palace. Read our full review of the Ritz Calrton Sharq Village and Spa to get a complete picture!

Saudi Arabia: Mecca Hotel Guide

Every year 5 million Muslims flock to Islam's holiest city to perform the Hajj, and may more visit throughout the year for Umrah. In our Guide to Mecca's Hotels we take at look at the best places to stay, taking into particular location and proximity to the Grand Mosque and the Holy Haram.

Qatar Hotel Reviews: La Cigale Hotel

The striking 20 storey La Cigale hotel sits on Suhaim Bin Hamed street, a couple of kilometres from the sea but close to the Al Sadd shopping district. Here you can choose from the hotels range of treatments including a sauna, a steam bath, a massage, a Turkish bath or even a mud bath. You can also enjoy the huge range of delicadies in La Cigale's Gourmet Shop, including some of the tastiest chocolates in Doha.

Qatar Hotel Reviews: The Millenium Hotel, Doha

The Millenium Hotel sits in the business and shopping district of Al Sadd, close to Centrepoint shopping Mall and just a couple of kilometre from Doha's biggest and best shopping mall, Villagio. Read our full review of the Millenium Hotel.

Qatar Hotel Reviews: The Sheraton Resort and Convention HotelThe Sheraton hotel photograhed from the hotel grounds

Superbly positioned at the end of Doha's Corniche, and in walking distance of the City Centre Mall, the Sheraton Hotel has both sweeping views of Doha Bay and of the city. Known as the "Pyramid of the Gulf", it is also one of the more unusual buildings in Doha. Read our full review of the Sheraton hotel for more information.

Renting in Doha

If you are planning to stay for longer, it may be worth renting. In this article on Renting Accomodation in Doha we look at the options for renting and provide the contact details of agents and serviced apartments.

Qatar Hotel Reviews: The Intercontinental, Doha

Close to the upcoming Pearl Island and minutes away from Al Dafna business district, the Intercontinental may not be the best hotel in Doha. However, as our review of the Intercontinental reveals, it does offer both a friendly service and a kid friendly environment - and is substantially cheaper than some of Doha's other hotels.

Write a Hotel Review

Do you have steam let off after a terrible stay at a hotel? Or perhaps you want to praise a local hotel after the stay of your life? Write your own review and we'll add it to our hotel guide.

Ramada Plaza Doha

While not the best hotel in Qatar, the four star Ramada Plaza Doha has definitely moved more up market with the opening of its new building. What's more, with lots more new restaurants and bars, as well as Qatar's only stand alone night club, the host of Qatar's "The Laghter Factory" retains its place as Doha's Center of fun. Read our full review of the Ramada Plaza Doha hotel to decide if it's the place for you.

A weekend at the Grand Hyatt, Doha.

We treat our writer to a weekend of food and luxury at The Grand Hyatt, Doha.

Qatar National Hotels Company

The Qatar National Hotels Company is a government owned company which has ownership of 50% of the hotel rooms in the country. Holdings and subsiduaries include the Al Sharq Village and Spa, The Marriot Hotel, the Movenpick hotel and Palm Tree Island.

Address: P.O. Box 2977, Doha, Qatar
Tel: +974 485-7777
Fax: +974 427-0707

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