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Doha City

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Information, Articles, Images, Movies and Sounds of Doha, the Capital City of Qatar

Doha buildings.
Alternative name: Al Bidah

Arabic: Ad Dawhah

Transliteration: لدوحة‎

Meaning of Doha: place where there are beautiful flowers and large trees to provide shelter.

Location: Doha is located on a shallow bay about halfway up the east coast of the Qatar peninsula, facing the UAE.

Population: The population of Doha has expanded hugely in recent years, and unofficial estimates now put the population at around 900,000.

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Doha Map:

Zoom around our Google-powered interactive map of Qatar, or view a larger Doha Map, complete with information, movies, images and links.

Doha Images

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Pictures of Old Doha

The History of Doha

Doha History: Doha is widely believed to have been settled around 1850, but a village named Al Bidda was located in the area of Doha prior to this time and was bombed by the British in both 1821 and 1841. Being shelled by first the British and then later by the Khalifas of Bahrain did not stop this village from becoming the capital of Qatar, although, as our article on the city's history shows, it took the discovery of oil to make it a true modern city.

Doha Drive

Doha Guide

City Guide to Doha: In our Doha guide we explore the different areas of Doha, from the upcoming West Bay to the more downtrodden Al Hilal, as well as looking at things to do in Doha, such as where to shop and where to eat. The article is accompanied by numerous images as well as links to more detailed articles on different aspects of Doha.

Area Guide to Renting in Doha: Using either links or our interactive map navigate to the most popular areas to rent in Doha for our area guides.

Snapshots from Doha: A stunning photo essay from Doha based journalists Shabina Khatri and Omar Chatriwala.

Fisherman in Doha's port.

Doha's Corniche

A Walk Along Doha's Seafront: The Corniche is probably the most attractive part of Doha, and is certainly the most popular. In this article we explore the Corniche from the Sheraton hotel, also known as the Pyramid of the Gulf, at one end to Ras Al Hamma at the other end.

Qatar, Doha: A City State?

Doha's Dominance: Look at a list of the cities in Qatar - Al Wakra, Messaieed Industrial city, Al Khor - and you could be forgiven for thinking that Qatar consists of a number of cities. Our writer argues differently in Qatar: A city state?

Doha Shopping

Shopping in Doha: Qatar has a huge range of shopping choices to choose from. You can browse through the shops in one of the modern air-conditioned malls, or observe shoppers while gliding a canal in Villagio. Alternatively, you can brave the sun and nose around the stalls in the traditional Souq Waqif, or hunt for bargains or for more specialised goods in the colourful Indian style souqs and markets. That still leaves the Omani souq for all sorts of herbs, dried fish and spices, and the wholesale market for fresh fish and veg - and even camels! Find all of the above and more in the shopping section of our website.

Doha Hotels

Hotels in Doha: Although you are unlikely to find many hotels that are really cheap, you can still find hotels for less than 500 riyals in our list of cheap Doha Hotels. Or you can check out our Luxury Hotel Guide for information about the better hotels in Doha. And when you get tired of Doha you can browse through our hotel guides for neighbouring countries, including Dubai, Bahrain and Oman. Find all this and more in the hotel section of our website.

Doha versus Dubai

A former resident of Dubai and a current resident of Doha gives her opinion on the two cities. Check out Disneyland versus Doha.

Doha Airport

Airport Information: In our Qatar Travel section we provide extensive information on Doha's airport, including information on duty free, airport lounges and custom's rules and regulations.

Arrival and Departure Times: We also provide up to date arrival and departure times for travellers coming to Doha.

Doha Movies

Doha Movie (You Tube version): Drive along Doha's Corniche with us to the haunting sounds of the Dudouk.

Gondolas in Villagio (You Tube version): Watch Venetian style gondolas glide along a canal in a Doha shopping mall.

Qatari Music: Traditional Qatari music being played in Rumeila park.

Qatar Road Madness: A typical moment on a Doha road.

Doha Sounds

Prayer Call - Listen to the sound of the Adhan echo round the city.

Animals - Listen to the sounds of the different animals at Doha's wholesale market.

Music in Souq Waqif - The Arabian Lute being played in Doha's Souq Waqif.

Camels - Camels don't just roam the desert - there bellows can be heard at the camel market off Salwa Road.

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