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Qatar National Day

National Day

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Founder's Day

Date: December 18th

Founder's day is a relatively new holiday in Qatar, first celebrated in 2007.

The day is a national holiday.

National Day or Founders day is not the independence day. See Qatar holidays for information about Qatar's independence day.

Fireworks during National Day Celebrations
Fireworks light up the night during National Day celebrations


Founder's day celebrates the rise to power of Sheikh Jassem bin Mohamed bin Thani. Jassem is usually regarded as the father of the Qatar state.

Although Jassem's father, the headman of Doha, was originally recognised as the head of the leading family in Qatar, at the time Qatar consisted of many different tribes and could not send to be a cohesive nation.

When Jassim took over he consolidated the family's power. However, it was his victory over the Turks that made him into a national hero, and is considered by some as the foundations of the modern Qatar state.

See the Rise of the Al Thanis for more information.


The celebration of Qatar's day started in 2007. Events can include fireworks, cultural programmes and re-enactments of historical events.

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