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Qatar Culture

Culture and Religion in Qatar

Articles on Qatar Culture

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| Qatari People

Qatar People Qatar Culture: Images
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Enjoying traditional Arabic coffee on the Corniche.
A traditional Islamic moon at the Barzan towers. A wood carving of a pearl diver at Souq Waqif. Prayer Tower at the Centre for the Presentation of Islam. Weaving taking place at Doha's heritage village.

A prayer tower behind the Emiri Diwan in Doha, Qatar.Arabic

A Beginner's Guide To Arabic

You can easily function in Qatar without a grasp of Arabic. Nevertheless, a little Arabic is always very well received. Here's some phrases to get you started.

Qatar Glossary

All the words and terms you need to get by in Qatar.

Qatar A-Z

An A-Z of Qatar, Qatar Culture and travel with links to more detailed information.


Translate between different world languages - including English and Arabic.

Listen to the Sound of the Adhan - The Muslim Prayer Call:


The Bedouin Nomads

For thousands of year Bedouin nomads have roamed the deserts of Arabia, and some of the older Bedouin in Qatar spent their youth travelling in the desert. Read about their culture and life in this article.

Bedouin Food

The Bedoin could live in the harsh, inhospitable Qatar desert - but it wasn't always easy. Fran Gillespie shows us just how they managed.

Camels: God's gift to the Bedouin

Without camels, the Bedouin would have been hard put to survive in the desert. These articles explains just how these amazing creatures survive in the harshest of conditions, and demonstrates how much the Bedouin relied on their much loved camel.

Arabian Horses

The history, culture and characteristics of Arabian horses


Qatar Movie

Cultural Tips: What to wear in Qatar

Also see Qatar Dress: You Tube Version

Beneath the Abaya

What fashion-conscious Qatari women wear under their abaya.

Sadhew Weaving

Read about the ancient Bedouin art of weaving.

Qatar Clothing

A description of Qatar's national dress for men and women.


There is a reason why Qatari men are so well-groomed - and it's called Kashka. Yousra Sami investigates.

The Flag of Qatar

Qatar Visitor takes a look at the Qatar Flag, including its possible origins, its design and its meaning.


Food in Qatar

A description of both traditional and imported food in Qatar, as well as some of the customs and etiquette you need to know.

Qatar Cookery

Mohana gets busy in the kitchen with a look at Qatar cookery - and provides us with a recipe for us to try ourselves!

Qatar Recipes

Yousra Samir finds yet more recipes to keep you busy in the kitchen!

Desert Diet

How did the Qatari Bedouins manage before the days of plenty? Fran Gillespie finds out.


Qatar Early History

The first human inhabitation of Qatar took place thousands of years ago, when the climate was considerably more pleasant...

The Rise of the Al Thanis

The Al Thanis are the undisputed rulers of Qatar - but it wasn't always this way. Find out how this merchant family rose to became the rulers of one of the richest countries in the world.

Pearl Divers

In what is still living memory, poverty stricken Qataris eked out a living in the often lethal profession of Pearl Diving.

Islam and Religion

Qatar cannot be separated from its religion. People live and breathe it, they go without food and water for it and religious phrases form part of every conversation they make. You cannot understand Qatar without having some understanding of Islam and the depth of its importance to Qataris.

Qatar's Black and White Magic

From the dark arts of those seeking revenge to the old wive's tales, Yousra explores the hidden world of Qatar magic.

Religion in Qatar

From the early Christian churches to the revelation of Islam, the emergence of Wahhabism and the interpretation of Islam by the current Emir we follow the story of religion in Qatar.

The Five Pillars of Islam

In this article we look at the five essential tenets of the religion that every Muslim, as far as is possible, should follow.


Adhan is the name for the Muslim call to prayer, which takes place five times a day. In this article you can listen to the call to prayer and read it in Arabic and English.

Eid Al Adha

The feast of sacrfice remembers when a father almost killed his son...

Eid Frenzy

British writer Yousra Abdelaal joins in the frenzied preparations for Eid - which includes getting her henna tattoos done.

Eid Ul Fitri

What it means, and how it is celebrated - Qatar Style!


Ramadan is the most important festival in the Muslim calendar. Read about its significance, and about the traditions and beliefs that go with it.


Ramadan is not just for adults. Find out how children celebrate Ramadan in our article Garangau!

Qatar Funerals

You may hope this is one cultural experience you will not have to experience. However, as this article explains, if a friend does die, or is bereaved, it is important to pay your respects.

Marriage in Qatar

Although you may see pictures or even videos of a man's wedding, a man will never see a woman's wedding in Qatar, either in person or in film. An invitation to a woman's wedding is an invitation to a private - and very expensive - world. In this article Mohana Rajakumar, editor of Qatar Narratives, takes us into this exclusive occassion.

Getting Married Between Cultures in Qatar

Qatar residents hail from all over the world. But when they fall in love, all is not always smooth!

Isaac of Qatar

At the dawn of the age of Islam, but at a time when Christians were tolerated in Arabia, Isaac the Saint was born: a monk, Bishop, hermit and writer whose writings are discussed to this day.

Life in Qatar

Cultural Pointers

Read Qatar Visitor's list of cultural tips - essential reading if you want to avoid embarrassing mistakes during your stay in Qatar.

Living in Qatar: Myths and Realities

You probably already have certain notions about coming to live in Qatar. Read this article to find out which are true and which are not.

Qatar Do's and Don'ts

To Do or Not to do, or more to the point What to Do and What not to Do - Find out in this list of cultural Do's and Don'ts.


One very accessible part of Arab culture is the Shisha (hookah). This article explores its history, cultural significance - and its health implications.


Books, Book Stores and Libraries

Things used to be dire for book lovers in Qatar, but, as this article shows, the situation is getting better!


An Interview with Tim Sebastian: Yousra Samir speaks to Tim Sebastian in a Qatar Visitor exclusive on the Doha Debates.

Qatar Newspapers

A look at the English Language newspapers (and on-line journal) in Qatar.

The Qatar Nation


A look at the Qatar People.

Qatari Men

Yousra, a British expat who has been 'Qatarised", comes to the defence of Qatari men.

Women in Qatar

Yousra puts both women in Qatar and our misconceptions about them under the spotlight.

Qatar National Day

When, why and how Qatar celebrated its Founder's Day.

Qatar Independence Day

Celebrated seperately from Qatar's National Day, Qatar's day of Independence takes place on the 3rd September.

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