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Business in Qatar

Doing Business in Qatar

Information on Business Etiquette, Useful Resources and General Information on Business in Qatar


Qatar Business Handbook

Qatar Business: Etiquette and Business Practice

Doing Business in Qatar: David Chaddock, who is both author of Qatar and Qatar: A Business Traveller's Handbook, gives advice on conducting business in Qatar, from the intricate details of exchanging a business card to the importance of a personal relationship.

Starting a Business

Setting Up a Business in Qatar

In the second of his series of articles on Business in Qatar, Davd Chaddock takes a look at the complex process of establishing an entreprise in Qatar.


Sending Money to Qatar

How to send smaller amounts of money to Qatar without paying a fortune.

Companies in Qatar

Qatar Companies

Covers the background to Qatar industry and the major Qatar companies as well as the steps Qatar is taking both to diversify its industries and to attract new companies to set up in Doha.

Qatar Taxation

The basic tax individuals and companies have to pay with links to more detail information.

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Click here to read a profile of Nexus, Qatar's independent financial advisors.

Qatar Recruitment

Recruiting Staff in Qatar

In Qatar Recruitment David Chaddock looks at the issue of finding staff and bringing them to Qatar. The article covers various aspects of finding work including getting an allocation, applying for a visa, sponsorship and transferring jobs.

New: Qatar Business Questions

Qatar Business Forum

David Chaddock will be answering business related questions on the business section of our forum.

Qatar Property

Qatar Real Estate

David Chaddock guides us through the process of buying property in Qatar, including the laws affecting foreigners, where foreign nationals can buy property and the advantages and disadvantages of buying property in Qatar.

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The Cigarette Case

Click here to read a review of the Cigarette Case, Gower Enterprises latest website.

Buying Property in Qatar

An earlier article on buying property in Qatar, with a deeper look at the pros and cons of doing so.

For more articles on property covering both renting and buying in Qatar see our index of Real Estate articles.

Rights, Rules and Regulations

Qatar Labour Law: In this article we look at Qatar Labour Law and it how it affects employees in the Gulf. Issues covered include sponsorship, maximum working hours and dismissal.

Recruit Staff Online with

Business Websites

Qatar Business Websites: A list of useful websites for business people in Qatar.

Qatar Companies: Over 25,000 companies listed on Qatar's Yellow Business Pages


Qatar Currency Converter: powered by

Qatar Currency and Banking Information: Information and history of the Riyal, with banking information and a list of major banks in Qatar.